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Under the cut:

So apparently, Connor can get drunk.
This is getting old real fast... *
I am totally a superhero now! *
This "alive again" thing - kinda weird. *
Same post, different thread.*
She's gone. She's never coming back.
*isn't bothered by the engagement... really.*
Morning sickness sucks second time around.*
holy crap everything is colors now*
Stupid Black Lantern rings. Stupid Nekron.*
Also, this thread.*
So many Jasons, so little Dick.*
Also, this.*
What the flying f- this time?*
I want to see the sky.*
[The doctor will see you now.]*
Keeping a secret identity is hard.*
Also, this thread.
I get all the coolest toys.*
I married who? But... but why*
New memories? Or maybe LSD aftereffects...*
Fucking tired. Can't sleep. Damn nightmares.*
"... eat men like air." ...Emo bullshit.*
Am I late to this party?*
Also, this thread.*
... Should go home back to California.* (Schro!verse shenanigans thread.)
Why do they think we're gay?*
*alive again* Daddy? I'm home! ...Daddy?* (Schro!verse shenanigans thread.)
please tell me it gets better-*
[Has already stolen something of yours.]*
*has a 'totally got laid' look*
Also, this thread*
Remember, kids. Aim for the nuts.* (Thread references a deleted post.)
*pressed panic button, needs help fast!* * (link in post to Prometheus plot-relevant thread on SWS comm)
So, uh, Roy... Lian's... back. Kinda. * (Schro!verse shenanigans thread.)
I'm never ignored; I get even.*
Also, this thread.*
*is... taking Lian out for ice-cream?* (Schro!verse shenanigans thread)
Too many bats in this town...*
Tonight's gonna be a bad one...*
*eating pizza with Bruce* It's good...*
"Bad boys." Over rated, annoyingly attractive.*
The stink of men is strong.*
So very fucking tired right now. * (Schro!verse shenanigans thread.)
Did this really just fucking happen?*
Next Jason guesses! Place your bets!*
Hey, Babs- I need a favor.
I think that I am lost.*
Also, this.*
I can kill with a kiss.*
Lost my hat... Not really sorry.*
*woozy* Now's not a good time...*
*shaking with rage* Where's. My. City?! *
Jason? You here? .... ...Anyone recognize me? *
Keep your kids away from mine.*
And here.*
This is weird. Where am I?*
I ain't sure which one's stranger...*
Try to behave, multiverse taunts me...*
A male me? I'd tap that.*
Yoo-hoo, Batsy... come out and play.*
Last warning. Keep off the grass. *
Jasons -- all sure of mother's identity?*
*doodling what looks like costume designs**
What the--???? F*&^%ing hell! Where's Timmy! *
*a ghostly, bloody, screaming figure* NO!!*
[Flops down.] Damn, I feel worn-out.*
*got drugged but seems kinda drunk**
Where am I? Is this Gotham...*
If possible, what would you change?
... You gonna tell me what happened? * (Schro!verse shenanigans, with references to the "*doodling what looks like costume designs*" thread.)
Prometheus. Tell me everything you know. * (Prometheus plot stuff)
I'm thinking we need a bulletin-board. *
I'm a moron and I apologize.*
*Practicing archery. Aim sucks. Still cathartic.**
Man... what's with all the Bats?*
*bloody words on the wall* WHY!?!?*
There's someone pulling our strings here * (Prometheus plot stuff)
I- I can't do it, it's... (Schro!verse shenanigans post)
Wow! There's like five of me*
I don't trust Magog. At all. * (Prometheus plot stuff)
*Baby's crying* Anyone know a lullaby? *
... I dreamed her name was Sandra... *
*limps in, beaten and bleeding* ... ow. (Prometheus plot stuff)
... why is my safehouse blown up? (References Prometheus plot stuff, but more of a side joke than anything)
"Batman" is a ridiculous code name.
We need the JLA Watchtower operational. (Prometheus plot stuff.)
*with a truck of equipment* Ta-da...* (Prometheus plot stuff)
Any Arrows -- Prometheus may have Dad.* (Prometheus plot stuff)
Do I do paisley or stripes?*
...When can I be a superhero? * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot)
Also various sub-threads here.*
Bruce thinks I'm plotting large-scale terrorism.* (Prometheus plot stuff)
Lian, where the hell are you? * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot, references to Prometheus plot stuff)
Jason Todd is dcu6wordstories's fandom bicyce! * (Meta thread)
Wait. What did I just do?*
This isn't what it looks like.* (Prometheus plot stuff)
Dick, Damian is following in your footsteps. * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
...There a trick to getting home? *
Let's see who killed this Joker...* (Prometheus plot stuff)
Also *
Off to save Green Arrow. Volunteers? * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Not to mention.*
And finally-*
*cough* That's the last of it... * (Prometheus plot stuff)
That never fucking happened to me. *
Well. That was a... disaster. *cough* * (Prometheus plot stuff)
*looks about 12-13* Where am I?* (Deaged Jasmine subplot)
All right. I've got the blueprints. (Junior Titans ongoing subplot)
In my world, I killed you. * (Prometheus plot stuff)
*stirs and mutters, slowly waking up* * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Not bad... security needs work, though. (Junior Titans subplot, allusions to Prometheus plot stuff)
So, uh, anyone need my help? (De-aged Jasmine subplot)*
*impaled on a crystal spire* C-crisis... * (Prometheus plot stuff, warning for character death)
[she'd like plants in her room] * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
... the Questions is dead. ... what now? (Prometheus plot stuff, references character death)
Riddle me this -- Where's Prometheus now? * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Watchtower's gotta be ready by tomorrow. * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Oracle Kara? We need to talk. (Prometheus plot stuff)
Titans, team meeting... This is important. * (Prometheus plot stuff, Junior Titans ongoing subplot)
I'M GONNA OWN THIS MOTHERFUCKING CITY!!! * (Prometheus plot stuff, Junior Titans ongoing subplot)
Also *
[An apparition] Gotham's under attack. Mobilize. * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Sorry I'm late. Let's kick ass. * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Okay... well... this kinda sucks. *sighs* *
*gasping, half-buried under rubble* ... help... me... * (Prometheus plot stuff)
*started freaking when Wayne Tower collapsed* * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Jason. Remember we made an appointment? * (Schro!verse shenanigans post.)
Tests confirmed it. No shrapnel. Goddammit. (Schro!verse shenanigans post)
Parasite got Damian. MUST SAVE HIM! * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Also. *
Parasite loves to try new things. * (Prometheus plot stuff, several Jason subthreads on thread.)
[blinded by quicklime]-- where ARE you?! *
I could use some help. [Twitching.] *
Also, OOC title shenanigans thread here.*
Who thinks I'm a joke now?
Also. (Dr. Light subplot begins here.)
... it put me back together wrong. (Schro!verse shenanigans post.)
Because Connor!mun is a bad person...[flowchart] * (Meta shenanigans)
Also. *
[Sighs.] Let's get this over with. * (Prometheus subplot stuff, too damn many subthreads to sort through so just have a link to the whole damn post.)
Got home. Gonna try and stay. *
Ta-da! What do you guys think? * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
How hard did Slade hit me? *
Never a slow news day here. *
Needed: Jailers for one Max Lord. * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Jason... I'm sorry I grabbed you. * (References to aftermath of a thread in the "... it put me back together wrong... thread)
[Walks to Master Jason's last safehouse.] *
Possible emergency- Check on Damian! Hurry! * (Prometheus plot stuff)
We have to let Max go. * (Prometheus plot stuff)
Hey, Little Leaguers! Time is UP! * (Prometheus plot stuff. Jason threads just... everywhere on this post. Also, character death.)
*squeals* I have my first boyfriend!! * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
*distress signal from Lian's JT communicator* (Prometheus plot stuff, single post)
I... What the hell just happened? (Junior Titans subplot stuff, a few references to Prometheus plot stuff)
What the hell happened to Nightwing??* (Prometheus plot stuff, references to (temporary) character death)
Also. *
Okay, that's it, I'm pulling rank. * (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot stuff)
Apparently, I'm dead on this world... * (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot stuff)
The plan never included Gotham's destruction. *
I'm hanging this on the wall. * (Junior Titans subplot stuff)
... Ozymandias has the cosmic key. Prepare. * (Ozymandias plot stuff, which is a continuation of the Prometheus plot stuff)
Hey... everyone... I'm not dead anymore. * (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot stuff)
[holding copies of Watchmen] So, um... * (Ozymandias plot stuff)
Off to save Green Arrow. Volunteers? * (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot stuff)
This is going to be awkward. * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff of questionable continuity)
Jason, what did you do now? *
The Hub is going to war. * (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot stuff. Jason threads all over.)
I request audience with Jason Todd. *
[in hospital bed looking absolutely pitiful]* (Dr. Light subplot stuff)
The Rock of Eternity is mine. * (Ozymandias plot stuff)
The battle of the scruff begins! *
Also. *
Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! NA! *
What the hell is this place *
I could give out superpowers too. * (Meta thread)
I think I'm slightly immortal now. * (Ozymandias plot stuff)
Putting together a search party... Volunteers? * (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot, specifically, the kidnapped Riddler subplot)
Father? Jason? Are you two here? *
Where the fuck is Doctor Light?! (Dr. Light subplot stuff)
*opens door* Hey... come on in.* (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot)
This... isn't Idaho. Where am I? *
Idiots. Every single one of you. *
FYI: Every person I kiss dies. *
Circe is down. Let's press on. * (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot stuff)
*Going over his files. Obsessively.* C'mon... * (Dr. Light subplot stuff)
[Escaped out window. Gliding down street.]
RED HOOD! WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE! * (Dr. Light subplot stuff, in that this refers to something that happened in one of the relevant threads)
... I think I might be trapped. *
Well, isn't this new and different. *
*confused* Eddie? Where are you? ... Anyone? *
Where did Slade and Rose go? *
I got away. Not sure how. *
Read the bulletin-board. Who's in charge? *
Hey... I'm back! Okay, nametag time. *
Hey, Jason Todd, can we talk? *
I couldn't stop him, I tried... * (Speedy!Connor's dead Jason subplot)
... I think my heart stopped again. * (Schro!verse shenanigans, aftermath of Prometheus plot)
Don't want to see a doctor... * (Aftermath of Prometheus plot stuff)
Okay. Let's start with the basics. (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
[is locked in a room with...] * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff, references to Mar'i getting pissed at Jason)
... But where has The Bat gone!? *
*picks up crowbar and beats mobster* *
Arsenal screams like a girl, man. *
Who wants to join Team Red? *
*quietly* I killed my world's Joker. * (Speedy!Connor's dead Jason subplot)
*practicing archery* I will relearn this. *
Look what I found. [Unconscious Mar'i] * (Dr. Light subplot stuff)
*wakes up in bed naked with...* *
Watchtower- need backup. Light has hostages. (Dr. Light subplot stuff)
Without gasoline, Egon burns very slowly. *
*holding her arm to her chest* * (Schro!verse shenanigans)
*sitting on a ledge, just watching* *
Oh! Lights went out! What now? *
I have a boyfriend now too! *
Visiting Richard always turns out badly. *
Been stabbed. Could use some help. * (References to subplot in overall Ozymandias plot)
[Perched up high, watching everyone curiously.] *
[Adjusting his tie in a window.] *
Batman? Where the hell are you!? *
*walking down the street, almost completely naked* * (Schro!verse shenanigans)
Also* (But not really in "continuity," per se.)
Oh no, not more multiverse travel... *
This is it. The final charge. * (Prometheus/Ozymandias plot stuff)
This is really, really not LA. *
You murder people. You exterminate scum.*
Anyone not crazy want to hang? *
Using a crossbow is not cheating. *
[Taking his girls to a carnival.] * (Schro!verse shenanigans)
Kon, please don't poke evil Tims. *
Teen Titans, come in! ... ...hello? Anyone? *
Re-modeling a Nest for a new headquarters. *
This isn't how it should be. *
[cheers] It's Blothog! Let's celebrate together! *
The nightmares dreams-- they ever stop? *
Judd Winick makes me fucking awesome. *
*explosions -- several buildings around Gotham* Oops. *
London calling- trying to feel alive. *
Batman? Where the fuck are you? *
Well, isn't this a fascinating clusterfuck. *
I'm glad I never met you. *
There are how many Jason Todds? *
*activity at Dick and Ghost's house* *
@scarlettraces: from one nightmare to another. *
[Rescued: sandwich from a trash can.] *
Who or what do you love? *
[Inflatable pool, vegan jello, and swimsuits]*
Bruce... Tim... Alfred... Where'd everyone go? *
I don't know what to do. *
Very seriously toasting marshmellows for s'mores.] *
[Taking pictures and watching through binoculars] *
JASON TODD! I'M BRINGIN' YOU IN! * (Lobo subplot)
Ah... Can anyone contact gladiator me? (Lobo subplot)
Okay... that could have gone better... *
Sleepless. Dreaming of the mouthless dead. *
Kid, Robin, Speedy? Um guys? Hello? *
[sex pollen loose in the hub]*
Also. *
Nexus... riiiiight. This is normal, how? *
The hub is mine now. .... MINE!!!!!! *
Titans, Inertia. Inertia, the Junior Titans. * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot)
What? This is so not cool. *
I suppose exposition is in order. * (Ozymandias/Dream plot)
[Throws another punch, breaking the bag] *
*kicking and tossing in his sleep* * (And finally, the very last part of the Schro!boy's involvement in the Ozymandias/Dream plot)
[You've fallen asleep. The dream begins.] *
*curled up, knife close at hand* *
*shock* Oh god, I slapped him. *
This can not possibly end well. *
[scours the Hub, looking for Robins] *
Crow's Bar happy hour at 6. *
Where do I get my t-shirt? *
((Responding to stimuli is so overrated.)) *
[Game night at the Titans Safehouse] * [Out of continuity thread]
[Analyzing the whole area, very carefully.] *
... Bad call, getting Lobo involved, Melania. *
Guess it's time I introduced myself. * (The very beginning of the Mr. Jay subplot)
Yes. I really am The Batman. *
Teach me something that's worth learning. *
[reading the bulletin board] Multiple versions? Damn. *
Stupid Mouse plane. YOU DIE NOW! *
We all need to talk. Now. *
You should know what he did. *
Time we take official roll call. *
Wow. So who's sleeping with whom? *
Roy and I are now engaged. *
F*cking universe. What the f*ck now?! *
[in tears] I am going home. *
H-has anyone seen my bear, Rory? *
[Black eye. Split lip. Hard smile.] *
*on a rooftop, patrolling the city* *
*dressed up* Not a goddamn word. *
How well has life treated you? *
*offers a knife* ... Put me back. *
I really am a cat person. *
*laughs* It's like a candy shop. *
Okay. Is the area all clear? *
Also. *
[squints eyes at the city below] *
Everyone isn't supposed to leave you? *
This Hub place isn't so bad. *
You tell the truth - or strip. *
Also. *
Plus. *
And. *
Not to mention. *
((Drawing on the wall, humming happily.)) *
Now where's that trouble maker now? *
I gotta lay off the booze. *
One second you're mixin' drinks, then... *
It is easy to be dead. *
Make out or get out, sugarbutt. * (Oh God, too many Jason threads here to link. You want them, sift through it yourself.)
Shame. I'll miss Ronnie's yacht party. *
Okay, seriously. Pseduoincestual hook ups. Why?
[pops head inside] I am back! *
My resolve's fading. Can't stand this. *
Daddy, I'm back! Mommy says hi! *
There's blood on the streets tonight. *
We should do some team training. (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff.)
Has... has anyone seen my mom? * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
((Connor has been missing all day.)) * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
Need to borrow a room, D. (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
[Is destroying a giant drug factory] *
Care to hear my latest riddle? *
An unauthorized TV movie? Really, Lifetime? *
But you can't handle the truth! * (Once again, too many threads for the mun to bother sorting through right now.)
Technically slept with Jason, first date. *
Nobody will ever find the cakes! *
... Should've taken a different road home. *
Okay, look. Everyone, just stop. Lying. *
Pay special attention to- * (Same post as above, part of Mr. Jay subplot)
.... Whose turn to go grocery shopping? * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
Looks like I'm a little late. *
[hollow] She left. One more lie. *
Stop telling the truth, emo bitches. *
"Jason-- From Connor With Love XOXO" * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
Sometimes, I do miss being dead. *
We need to find Connor, now. (Mr. Jay subplot)
Hey... You lookin' for some company? *
There is nothing left. Nothing left. *
Better make it a double, baby. * (Out of continuity shenanigans)
Also *
And *
Plus *
... Who moved Gotham to the moon? *
*sigh* What is it this time? *
You know you're lucky, don't you? *
The Hub school needs more teachers. *
This place needs a little... laughter! *
[Is scrounging around looking for carrots] *
Wanted: one (1) anger management therapist * (Junior Titans subplot stuff)
Truth, fiction, who's keeping count anymore? * (This post. All over. Also, out of continuity shenanigans.)
I'm looking for Jason Peter Todd. *
... He said to tell you "Hi." * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
*worried* Damian. We need to talk. (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
[arms crossed, chin up] Where's Mar'i? *
[YOUR CHARACTER IS NOW TIED UP.] * (Out of continuity shenanigans)
Also. * (I think this one is technically in continuity?)
Wanted: one (1) anger management therapist *
Truth, fiction, who's keeping count anymore? * (This post. All over. Also, out of continuity shenanigans.)
I'm looking for Jason Peter Todd. *
... He said to tell you "Hi." * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
*worried* Damian. We need to talk. (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
[arms crossed, chin up] Where's Mar'i? *
Whoopsie! One too many, I think! *
... Not the Gate I came through. *
We do not forgive or forget. * (Out of continuity stuff)
[ties hair up] Ready to spar! * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
Who's a cute widdle fuzzy baby? * (Out of continuity stuff)
[With Love from your secret admirer] *
I have never eaten cat food. * (Jason's fucking everywhere on this post. Also, out of continuity stuff.)
[staring intently at bulletin board] *
[Wandering, looking for something to do] *
Taking down your memorial statue: awkward. *
Riddle: This can ruin any moment. *
Also. *
Making it with your doppelganger: Weird? *
[Just trapped you in TV Land!] * (Out of continuity shenanigans)
Looks like I'll be here awhile. * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
There's a... Joker-Jason. He's got Tim. * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
Jason, wait... What just happened here? *
Switch the labels, see who notices. *(Assorted threads on this post. Out of continuity shenanigans.)
*everyone's Pre-Crisis again! ... not Jason's fault. *
Bats and Birds. Gotham's gotta thing. *
((A note taped on your door.)) * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
Oracle! Hub Graveyard. I need help! * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
[Sitting in a cafe, looking dejected] *
Bruce, get back here this instant! *
You were wrong, other world's Jason. *
Spy Smasher should have known better. *
[waiting, gazing out on the city] *
Having an archnemesis: overrated or not? *
So many problems, so little advice. *
I need help. With a body. * (Mr. Jay subplot stuff, references to character death.)
What's that saying about raising demons? *
I want to talk to Thad. * (References Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
[lying on rooftop, staring at stars] * (References Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
I am thinking of taking students. *
[Eating Bambi's mom, plotting your dooms] * (References Dr. Light subplot stuff)
I'm thinking about visiting my mom.* (Schro!verse shenanigans post, a few allusions to Mr. Jay subplot stuff)
I guess the countdown starts now. *
... Connor, your mother has no taste. (Schro!verse shenanigans post)
Fuck. People keep breaking my nose. *
When, if ever, is killing justified? *
((You are all now randomly genderswapped.)) * (Out of continuity shenanigans)
Also. *
Jason, have you found Tim yet? *
This... isn't my Gotham, is it? *
[smushed against a HoneyBaked Ham window] * (Junior Titans ongoing subplot stuff)
People get some dumb ideas, sometimes. *
[in ur networks, hackin ur hubs] *
...The hell? This isn't my forest. * (Schro!verse shenanigans)
[Dazed] Their empty yarn mocks me. *
Feel like crap. Side effects suck. *
What are you most thankful for? *
Loss taught me gratitude for family. *
... Milo Armitage is a dead man. (Schro!verse shenanigans post)
What just happened? Where am I? *
*practicing kicks in his Robin costume* *
*looking at blueprints, building explosive devices* (Schro!verse shenanigans post)
I'm having trouble getting to sleep. *
... well. That was a bad idea.
Whatever happened to my secret admirer? *
I'm really starting to appreciate snow.
[Seated at a desk, writing laboriously.] *
All right, who's buying the drinks? *
Female superheroes. Who takes them seriously? *
Oh oh oh! Under the mistletoe! * (Out of continuity shenanigans)
I'm seeking news of my son. *
*is noticeably more agitated than usual*
This is my heart talking now. *</a> (Out of continuity shenanigans, lots of posts everywhere)<br /><a href=" http:=" _fcksavedurl=""" dcu6wordstories="">Well. This is definitely not Gothamopolis. *
I mean, the slogan is yum. * (Threadjacking Jason ahoy)
Well this is new and different. *
... ...Connor's really hard to shop for.
Why in the middle of sex?! * (Entry changed to 18+-locked some time after thread.)
[Is running around dressed like this.] *
*makes contact with your eyes, jumps* *
[Wobbles] That was not knockout gas... *
Hey, would you like some tea? * (Out of continuity shenanigans)
Also *
[A crowbar shaped gift labeled "Robin". *
[staring at the board, deadpan] ... Fantastic. *
*is asleep under your Christmas tree* *
... Actually bought Christmas presents this year.
What is your New Year's resolution? *
...Rose, get out of my bed! *
[distantly weary] Holidays are always bittersweet. *
...Seriously, DC, what are you doing? * (Meta post)
Please. I go through everyone's trash. *
*totally blissed out on your bed* *
[scowling] This is definitely all wrong. *
[In a jacuzzi sipping Santana DVX] *
*walking home after waking up outside* *
[Trying to stay conscious.] B-Batman? Where - ? *
... Holy rusted metal, Batman. [Found Arrowmobile.] *
*singing* Eighteen -- I gotta get away... *
I seem prone to cheap shots... *
... Still not the weirdest thing today. *
Where...? He must've drugged me. Sonofa... *
*annoyed* My hair is not orange! *
[A building goes up in flames.] *
[Enjoying a stroll through the park.] *
Why are there so many demons!? *
So. Tell me about this "Batman". *
*dazed, covered in someone else's blood* *
*He's trying hard not to stare* *
Anyone's up for JasonFest'11, you guys? *
[Reading the bulletin board, taking notes.] *
[Drops tire iron.] ...What the hell? *
Observe and obey all posted signs *
*staring at the bulletin board, crying* *
*just watched this* *bursts out laughing*
--Said, where the fuck is Drake!? *
... What happened to the Tower, man? *
[Suspended upside-down from a streetlamp.] ...Hell. *
[Wandering around with a note, frustrated.] * [Post made adult content sometime after thread]
[Is currently tied by binary code] *
[on a rooftop, watching those below] *
Tell me something I don't know. *
Not the island. Or home.... Jason? *
...Better now than a week ago. *
*glances at calendar* ... oh. ...oh, shit!
[musing on bulletin board] ...I see. *
*Skeets has found a bloodied crowbar* *
So now what do I do? *
How many redheads are here, exactly? *
What the... You mean I die? *
Got busy. So, what'd I miss? *
So... how does accomodation work here? *
[Lurking in the shadows. Watching. Waiting.] *
Why doesn't anyone believe in me? *
Who has the most alternates here? *
If I ever see him again... *
I can't believe you did this... *
In brightest day, in blackest night... *
Are you capable of manipulating Hubspace? *
Judd Winick, we need to talk. * (Meta post, obviously)
Tt. Far too many Drakes here. *
One Connor and Jason? Already enough. *
Okay, you are being really annoying. *
Well. How to feel about this? (Meta post)
... somehow, I'm not surprised. ... fuck them. (Meta post)
...I'm never staying at Zatanna's again. *
Anyone have a source for kryptonite? *
*frowns* It's not like he'd understand! *
A dozen roses. How very cliche. * (Out of continuity shenanigans)
*grins* Managed to remember, this time.
[Setting explosives, muttering darkly to himself.] *
... favorite alternate of yourself and why? *
... fucking torch this city! Whole thing!
Guess who is back? ...Black Mask. *
... the fuck. That's- I hate fandom. (Meta post)
*spray-paint can, graffiti'd wall, thoughtful look* *
[Doing practice forms with a sword.] *
[Upside-down infront of the bulletin-board] Heh... *
Do artificially created beings have souls? *
*Steph shivers* It's so c-cold outside... *
That path shouldn't have lead here. *
You know what your sin is? *
What’s with all these bastard Drakes? *
Golly! I'm sure in a pickle!*
[Unconcious body, wearing Red Hood costume.] *
For this: ...Boot to the head. * (Meta shenanigans)
You find yourself in a room. *
Killing other selves. Suicide or murder? *
[not sure what's going on. hisssssssssssssss. *]
Jasons ain't for the weak. [Jasonfest'11] *
*looks around* Uhm, where am I? *
Do people really still say 'Dick?' *
*helmet broken, covered in (another's) blood*
.................. I'M GOING TO LEARN ENGLISH CUSSES. *
Have you received a nickname here? *
Tim and Kon? Definitely my OTP. * (Threadjacking a subthread, beware of Joker/Batman references)
[ He's sitting next to a gargoyle.] *
[Arguing with you,] Shut up! [Kisses] *
The doctors, they... found something... wrong. *
I've heard all the pirate jokes. *
--not taking me to Arkh-- ohthankgod *
[is staring longingly at your lunch] *
Uhm... I just learned I die?! *
Need a little change in life.... *
Don't worry. I still like you. *
Who wants some St. Patty's chili? *
Moriarty! Where the hell are you!? *
Not really something I was expecting. *
Jason, I don't... Dammit, not now!
Ever wish you'd never started patrolling? *
Who do you have respect for? *
Add some spice to your love-life. * (Made adult content shortly after thread began)
[Beating a Tim senseless.] Never worthy! *
And as I- ...What is this? *
*hanging upside-down; waves* What's up, guys? *
...not how I planned this day... *
[Waving a gun.] Never going back! *
Haha, quiver just sounds so ~dirty~ *
We are what memory makes us. * [Deva mindwiping arc begins.]
... haven't slept so well in forever. [Deva mindwiping arc.]
[Out for a brisk walk, whistling] * [Set during the Deva mindwiping arc]
I was beginning to miss California. * [Set during the Deva mindwiping arc]
Huuuh... This place could be...interesting. * [Set during the Deva mindwiping arc]
*limping, but looking determined* Wait... What? * [Set during the Deva mindwiping arc]
How to keep them from happening? * [Set during the Deva mindwiping arc]
... no. Nononono, please... I was happy. [Begin Deva mindwipe aftermath]
Just remember... You asked for this. * [Deva aftermath arc]
Is death ever an acceptable outcome? *
"He took it better than expected." *
You've something that belongs to me. *
"He took it better than expected." *
...Ugh, what the fuck happened now? *
So what if she comes back? *
I can't see my feet anymore. *
I... God. I can't do it. (Deva mindwipe aftermath.)
Heard the Hub's an interesting place. *
But how...? This can't be right. *
... Where the hell am I now? *
You've got everything nothing you wanted? *
*lost, stomping through downtown Metropolis* ROOOOOOOOOAAAAARRRR! *
Figured you might need a drink. *
[A phonograph's scratchy record:] Evening, Hub. *
... not supposed to be in Gotham... *
They're finally getting my hair right! *
What in the... what... I.. what?! *
*you're sleeping, while she's sneaking up* *
This chemo is kicking my ass... *
Holy pain in the ass, Batman! *
[Secrets never stay secret for long.] * (Meme)
Also. *
[posting this] ...should get his attention... *
You're only old as you feel. *
*curled up on fire-escape, breaking down*
[Writing a ticket for the Batmobile.] *
*appears with sniper equipment* What-? Fuck. (Start of Demon!Tim plotline.)
Help me find a missing person? *
[tied to train tracks] Seriously...? HELP! *
Holy blast from the past, Batman! * (Meta shenanigans)
[Lightsaber drawn] By the force! What? *
[you are narrowly missed by starbolt] *
...Going to be expelled for dognapping. *
[curled up in the corner, crying] *
[a packet labeled 'Jason Todd' appears] * (Part of Demon!Tim plotline)
Fathers Day, huh? A little overrated.
[Curled up tight, trembling with fear.] *
[kneeling down, whispering] Hey, Dad. ...What? *
"Summertime is upon us, let's celebrate." *
[knocking on door] Up for visitors? (Part of Demon!Tim plotline.)
What is it you hold sacred? *
"What is this mad sorcery about?" *
"Feel like I've been playing hooky." *
*drives fist into nearby wall, furious* (Part of demon!Tim plotline)
[mysterious music:] Fighting evil by moonlight... * (Meta shenanigans)
Door. Door. Where's the fucking door? *
[calm smile] Things become clearer now. *
[relieved sigh] I've beaten the odds... *
Dear Mia: Totally my bad. --Jason (Meta shenanigans)
Holy shit, you mean they're real?! *
"Holy teleportation, Batman! Where am I?" *
[holding the sign] What's "Free Hugs"? *
Hnn. Don't have time for this... *
-- spare me your sanctimonious bull- ....hrm.
[Climbs a fire escape, humming cheerfully.] *
...Thank goodness for Miss Cassandra Cain. *
Oooh, Bats is gonna be pissed. *
Indolence and debauchery. [sneer] Not surprised. *
*snorts* A brat in any 'verse.
Meditating next to a rock garden. *
[in costume] This is kinda creepy... *
Where the hell's the solvent spray?
"Will there be anything else, sir?" *
Better not be lots of Graysons. *
Whoever did this, y'better show yourself! *
A "we're not at Comic-Con" Meme. *
This is not the Beetle Cave... *
*angry growl* Lousy rotten mutinying crew... *
...Not everything is coming up Batgirl. *
It's not a question of loyalty. *
...full of nothing but mashed potatoes. *
I'm not going to forgive him! *
Spinning, laughing, drunk off his ass. *
There and back again in 48hours. *
Television, the drug of the nation... *
Also. *
[Curled up. Eyes blank. Not moving.] *
I'm looking for a lost . . . item *
I suppose vacations aren't truly necessary. *
Who says red isn't my color? *
[Sitting on the couch, cuddling Kitsune!Connor.] *
Stop breaking my fucking helmets, goddammit. *
I am so fricking late already! *
Anyone not having 24/7 sexcapades here? *
Pollution? Psh, purple sunrises are amazing. *
I wanna travel in a policebox! *
"The cookies are almost done now." *
I'm not a fucking supervillain, goddammit.
[running, gun out] I said "Freeze"! *
... wonder if Connor would like this.
The Hub's Greatest Hits, Number One! * (Kissing meme redux, comments about.) (Meta shenanigans.)
The Hub's Greatest Hits, Number Two! * (Tell the truth or strip meme redux, comments about.) (Meta shenanigans.)
}{Prancing around in a Robin costume}{ *
The Hub's Greatest Hits, Number Three! * (Heart meme redux: comments abound)
The Hub's Greatest Hits, Number Five! * (Never have I ever meme redux, comments abound) (Meta shenanigans)
*gun pointed at you, expression blank* *
The Hub's Greatest Hits, Number Seven! * (Anon meme redux, comments abound) (Meta shenanigans)
[Sitting outside, tea in hand. Contemplative.] *
Merde! ...Pas dans l'entrainement, ça– *
So. Bit of a shakeup there.
[Kryptonite stake through his chest] *
I think I've always liked Gotham. *
I'm gonna have to look around.
"So, this is Gotham. How odd." *
Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. *
Also. *
What the fuck are you doing? *
It only takes one bad day. *
[Perched on top of a Batmobile.] *
... something's wrong with me, isn't it? *
Mia? Hey, Mia! [Starting to panic.] *
In the hospital with a high fever. *
[looking kinda disoriented] I hate zombies... *
--take me back to my cell. *
We aren't doing this again, okay? *
Ohh, you're extra saucy tonight, babe. *
You gotta teach me, Jason. Please? *
...He's just not that into you. *
Tim's hair looks really bad today. *
[Neck snaps, drops the thug's body.] *
[hides face, groans,] So much paperwork.... * (Out of Hub)
Jason, come get your tie now! *
Really? I mean, just fucking really? (Meta shenanigans)
[Breaking into Gotham's City Bank Vault] *
Never dreamed I'd see Gotham again... *
These visits are becoming exponentially confusing. *
...moved from mashed potatoes to waffles. *
*pursued, pissed off* *comes face-to-face with...* *
Clearly, I've been gone too long. *
Halloween's long over now. Thank God.
[leaving a package at your door] *
"Dammit, Jason, I said stop it." *
[Dick taught her this Gargoyle impression.] *
...How did I get to Gotham? *
Special limited-time promotion from Tea Wonderland! * (Meme)
Also * (Meme)
Relax. It's just a little homicide.
Uh... I can pound. Really well. *
[cleaning guns at your kitchen table] *
*looking utterly exhausted* Can't fucking sleep...
Hey! Do you have a light?" *
[He's been following you for blocks.] *
Okay, not my best idea ever. *
I'm feeling a little rusty, here. *
I think I'm a little misplaced. *
[Now dressing his cut up arm.] *
"Be home late. More Bat trouble." *
Getting really fucking sick of stakeouts.
I'm not your goddamn cautionary tale.
[stares at board] Wel...come to... the... *
-- what I am, right?! Your failure--?!
You know what actually sucks, Harper? *
[Familiar jacket moving on own.] Grrr... *
... Al? Can I talk to- ... shit.
Damian... Stop teaching your cat to...! *
[examining a bloody knife] This is... *
Turn on, tune in, drop out. * (Meme post)
[Standing in your wardrobe.]Awaiting instructions. *
Waiting at a bus stop. "Hey." *
Working thoughtfully on a sand garden. *
They call themselves the "Suicide Squad". *
-said I'm working on- ... ah, hell.
[supergluing action figures to your motorcycle] *
[Pinning pics on chart.] ... between these ... *
Earth. Such an odd place, really. *
[Fox carrying takeout bag, somewhat difficultly. *
Getting damn sick of the 'family'...
[On the ground.] Time travel hurts. *
--the hell kinda instruction is 'Live.'? *
Isn't this what you wanted? Huh? *
Love it when violence solves everything. *
*absolutely not breaking into this building*
[Phased in. Not wearing pants.] ... Great. *
Think I drank too much coffee. *
Planting the Ashram's spring vegetable garden. *
Magic, if this is a trick... *
*curled up, shuddering, helmet by side*
*people-watching, eating a chili dog idly*
April 27th. *drink* Happy fucking anniversary.
So this is the Hub. ... Jason? * (Comes in later on during a thread.)
[Lost, tired, light headed and hungry.] *
--said I'm all right, Tim, damn! *
[Mumbling;] Jay blue or raven black? *
[curled up, trying not to cry] *
This is too quiet for Gotham. *
[Oh, oops. Was this shower occupied?] *
Not the collar! No! No! No! *
Quiet week. This can't be good.
Please stop crying, baby. It's okay... *
[painting "Drug-Free-Zone" on sidewalk, in blood] *
There's reasons theoretical physics is theoretical... *
[Sorting chemicals at your kitchen table] *
Fact: Summer time is party time. *
[naked lady, walking unsteadily along street] *
[Hanging in a tree] ...whatcha doin'? *
*staring at a handful of amphetamines* (TW for abuse of amphetamines)
We're gonna lift what? From where?
Talking to Mage!Jason (Not on comm) *
[Glares.] Hm... This isn't The Cave. *
[wandering around with a blank-eyed stare] *
Knew I could never measure up... (Meta post)
Ow! God! [hurriedly washes bleach out] *
[Lands in your lap, bikini clad.] *
You couldn't do anything but fail. *
*sitting outside diner, coffee in hand*
I’m not lost, just temporal displaced. * (Meme)
Also. *
And. *
Electronic cigarettes, huh? ... decent, I guess.
Lotta birthdays in the Hub today...
*quietly* It never really leaves you... *
Still here, breathing. Better than nothing. *
[kicks aside wreckage] ...liked that lab... *
[multiple GSWs, still shooting despite blood-loss] *
*rifling through pockets* Huh. Well... Shit.
This isn't the time for sympathy. *
But... but... We can't stop here. *
The truth will set you free * (Meme)
Also. * (Meme)
"Duck!" An arrow flies past you. *
[Angry mama fox stuck in trap.] *
Your phone's beeping. Better check that* (TFLN meme)
Also * (In response to this comment)
And. *
[green flash] [suddenly nearby, laughing uproariously] *
"Who are you supposed to be?" * (Halloween meme)
Also. *
I want to help you, though... *
No beer at nine a.m., dude. *
You ain't shakin' me that easy! *
"Think, Replacement, just focus a second..." *
I have a message for you. *
Our troubles will be miles away~ *
[bloodied, eye blackened] I was robbed! *
... where the hell is my lighter? *
All the time, you avoid me! *
...take our bags to the hotel. *
Jason Todd, chew-toy of the gods... *
Tell me, who is the Joker? *
"That's not how it should be." (Meta post: Batman Inc #8 spoilers)
First day of spring. How lovely. *
Explosives. [deep, tired sigh] Of course. *
You've got to be kidding me. *
Fifty million dollars. .... Fucker hung up. *
[binding his breasts down, looking irritated] *
Think it gets worse every year. *
You, Robin? Over my dead body! *
[electronic Oracle voice] Calling all Birds... *
[grumbling,] He can't fire me, dammit. *
"Come, it's a simple game, really." *
--came t'the wrong neighborhood, pig. [gunshot] *
[painting a Red Hood helmet white...] *
*beep, beep, beep* [Check your phone.] * (meme)
Also * (meme)
Also * (meme)
"No. No more strip clubs. Please." *
Shouldn't be this hot in Gotham. *
whistling Happy Birthday. "Ready to party?" *
We aren't a themed gang, dammit! *
You let Zatara wreck my brain?! *

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