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Birthdate:Aug 16
The DreamWidth import of noonesson from LiveJournal. Now with underscores, because noonesson was already taken. But hey, at least now you know for sure that the name is not in fact "Noon Esson."

In earlier days on LiveJournal, this Jason was part of phoenixofborg's Schroedinger!verse, and was also in fact Lady Shiva's biological son, rather than Sheila Haywood's. As time wore on, however, the muse was altered to be Jason Todd from the Honeyverse, a universe wherein none of Jason's post-Countdown canon counts, Jason Todd and Connor Hawke are an item, and Lian Harper is alive. In order to account for Lady Shiva having been considered a plausible candidate for his mother, this Jason is 1/4 Chinese from his father's side, having inherited more heavily from his Chinese paternal grandmother. PB is Rhydian Vaughan.

Events on the Livejournal DCUSWS community are mostly still in canon, pending possible tweaks as we reboot the Hub.
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